21+ Exceptional white elephant gifts under $50

White Elephant is a gift-giving game where participants give each other gifts that are not just useful or sentimental but are fun as well.

white elephant gift ideas under​ $50​

White Elephant is a gift-giving game where participants give each other gifts that are not just useful or sentimental but are fun as well. This fun game adds an element of surprise as members open unique and fun presents, each with their unique charm.

If you are looking for some white elephant gifts on a budget, we have compiled a list of gifts that you can easily afford.

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What are White elephant gifts?

White elephant gifts are typically humorous, impractical, or amusing items that are exchanged during holiday parties, office gatherings, or other social events. The term “white elephant” refers to a rare and sacred animal in some Southeast Asian cultures, and historically, giving someone a white elephant as a gift was considered both a great honor and a burden, as the animal was expensive to maintain.

In the modern context of gift exchanges, a white elephant gift is usually something inexpensive, quirky, or amusing rather than something practical or valuable. The goal is often to entertain and amuse participants rather than to give or receive a serious or meaningful gift. These exchanges often involve a game where participants take turns selecting a wrapped gift or “stealing” a gift that someone else has already chosen.

White elephant gifts under $20

Desktop plant set

Choosing a desktop plant set as a white elephant gift for Christmas is a delightful idea. It adds a touch of greenery to any workplace while bringing a sense of nature indoors. It’s a great gift under $20 because of its versatility, low maintenance, and festive touch. Choosing a plant with a festive design adds a holiday flair and makes it a perfect Christmas-themed white elephant gift.

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2. Funny coffee mug

A funny coffee mug for a white elephant gift is a fantastic way to bring humor and functionality into the mix. Adding some humor to your morning cup of joy with a fun coffee mug set is an exciting way to start your morning. Many people throughout the world have long held a particular place in their hearts for coffee. You can add a quirky or a whimsical quote to make it more appealing for the recipient.

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3. Reusable beeswax wrap bundle

Beeswax wrap can be a useful gift for under $20 because it is reusable, composite, and a great alternative to plastic wrap. These are a good option and an alternative to plastic food storage, as they do not take up much space. Support sustainable living with a reusable beeswax wrap set. Perfect for food preservation and plastic reduction, these wraps are a thoughtful and eco-friendly gift.

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4. Quirky ice cube tray set

Ice cube trays are designed to fill with water and then turn the water into ice cubes. These cubes come in different sizes and shapes. From emojis and animals to Tetris blocks, you can turn ordinary ice cubes into conversation starters.

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5. Personalized phone stand

Phone stands are a very useful accessory since they allow us to easily use mobile phones and can also add to their aesthetics as well. You can add a personal touch to such a useful present by adding your initials, favorite sayings, slang, or photos.

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6. Novelty socks

These socks combine comfort and style with a touch of fun and individuality. They are unique and whimsical in style which adds flair to your outfit. Choose from fun animal patterns to fun wordplay for different personalities.

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7. Gourmet popcorn kit

Popcorn is a delicious snack and perfect for any occasion. Gourmet popcorn comes in different flavors. Adding your favorite seasonings like cheese powder, caramel glazes, chocolate drizzles, and spicy seasonings to popcorn can be a perfect snack for a movie.
white elephant gift ideas under​ $50​

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8. Desktop punching bag

A desktop punching bag is a fun and playful way to relieve stress. They are tremendous pieces of desk equipment as they come with a heavy spring and a large suction cup. They are helpful for mindful breaks and good for entertainment and fun purposes.

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9. Personalized keychain

Personalized keychains can be excellent white elephant gifts. They are popular accessories and good gift items. Pick a design that speaks to the recipient’s interests and add some humorous quotes like a joke you share with the recipient to personalize it. It can also be a stylish accessory by choosing different colors, designs, and materials that complement their personal fashion preferences.

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10. Quirky coffee mug holder

Forget the conventional mug racks; a quirky holder brings a dose of fun and creativity to your kitchen or office space.

Designed in various shapes and themes, these mug holders are more than just functional—they’re decorative items that can be fun and useful simultaneously.

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11. Notebook planner

In a world dominated by digital devices, there’s a timeless charm in putting pen to paper, and a notebook planner perfectly captures this sentiment. More than just a planner, it’s a companion for those who value organization, creativity, and the joy of jotting down thoughts and plans on paper.

A notebook planner offers a versatile space for scheduling, note-taking, doodling, and goal-setting. With various layouts and designs, you can find one that suits individual preferences, whether it’s a minimalist design for a professional setting or a vibrant artistic cover for a touch of personal flair.

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white elephant gift ideas under​ $50​

White elephant gifts under $25

12. Bluetooth shower speaker

Transform your shower time into a show-stop concert with a waterproof Bluetooth shower speaker. Because Bluetooth shower speakers are waterproof, they can tolerate the dampness and humidity found in bathrooms. This innovation is an excellent choice for music lovers who love to enjoy music while showering.

white elephant gift ideas under​ $50​

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13. Funny work desk accessories

Funny desk accessories allow individuals to express their personalities and sense of humor. Enhance their work environment with a selection of fun desk accessories. Whether you’re looking for fun pen holders or fun sticky notes, they’ll add a touch of humor to the person’s workday. Writing funny and motivational quotes on sticky notes will help them to motivate themselves and blow some steam.

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14. DIY hot sauce kit

With the aid of this exciting hot sauce kit, you can make gourmet hot sauces with a range of tastes and heat levels. Individuals can create artisanal and flavorful condiments that enhance a wide range of dishes, from tacos and grilled meats to soups and stews.

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15. Smart LED strip lights

Smart LED strip lights allow individuals to create various kinds of ambiance and mood settings in a room. You can give your friends or family smart LED strip lights to light up their space. They may be adjusted to various settings and colors to liven up any space.

Find high-quality smart LED strip lights here to lighten up your rooms. 

16. Funny novelty apron

A funny and high-quality apron can be an excellent gift for those friends who love to cook. A funny apron provides entertainment and amusement while cooking. Whether it’s fun wordplay or fun graphics, a fun apron adds a fun twist to culinary adventures.

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17. Cozy blanket scarf

A cozy blanket scarf provides warmth and comfort and can serve as a perfect gift for the winter. Blanket scarves are known for their versatility in styling. A cozy blanket scarf serves as a fashionable accessory. It enhances an outfit with a hint of comfort by adding texture, color, and intrigue.

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Affordable White Elephant Gifts Under $50

18. Wireless charging station organizer

A wireless charging station organizer serves multiple purposes, combining the convenience of wireless charging with the organization of personal items. A perfect gift under $50. They are designed to be space efficient, allowing someone to organize their rooms or work desks without many changes.

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19. Indoor herb garden kit

Indoor herb garden kits offer the convenience of having herbs readily accessible in the kitchen. One excellent method to bring the joy of gardening indoors is with an indoor herb garden kit. This kit is perfect for home cooks who always want fresh herbs for cooking.

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20. Customized jewelry tray set

The jewelry tray set combines organization and aesthetics. It adds a touch of class to your gift with a personalized tray set. You can write their initials on it or add a meaningful quote to make it a more thoughtful and practical gift.

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21. Bluetooth earbud set

Earbuds often feature touch or physical controls that allow users to manage music playback, answer calls and activate voice assistants. Perfect for workouts, commuting, or simply listening to music on the go, wireless earbuds deliver premium sound quality.

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22. Cocktail mixology set

The primary purpose of a cocktail mixology set is to facilitate home bartending. Featuring shakers, stirrers, and recipe boards, this kit is ideal for mixologists of all levels. Cocktail mixology sets often come with a variety of ingredients and recipes, enabling users to make a wide range of cocktails.

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23. Aromatherapy essential oil diffuser

If your recipient loves aromatherapy, then you can give them an aromatherapy diffuser. An aromatherapy essential oil diffuser helps relieve pain, improves mood, and provides relaxation. This diffuser, along with a collection of their favorite essential oils, transforms any room into a peaceful sanctuary.

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Final word

The magic of white elephant gift-giving comes from the combination of creativity, humor, and thoughtfulness. Whether you’re looking for an affordable surprise under $20, a mid-range treat under $25, or an extravagant treat under $50, Think.gift can help you with amazing recommendations.Want more exceptional ideas like this for the white elephant party? Explore with the bar below!

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