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Top 15+ Gender Reveal Gifts

The occasion of a gender reveal brings lots of excitement and curiosity.

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The occasion of a gender reveal brings lots of excitement and curiosity. It must be celebrated with many exciting gifts that make this occasion a memory to last. We have listed over the top 15+ gender reveal gifts that will make this occasion even more special. You can choose the most suitable ones to celebrate this day with love and care. 

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Gender Reveal Confetti and Powder Cannon 

Celebrate and surprise your family and friends with these gender-reveal confetti and powder cannons. For the gender reveal, simply point these away from everyone and twist. They will release a 15-foot shower of confetti and smoke in either blue or pink.  

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Gender Reveal Ornament 

The 3-inch gender reveal ornament features a unique design with ‘heel or wheel’ written on it, referring to a baby girl or boy. The round ornament looks elegant with its glossy finish and golden string. It comes in 5 sharp colors, making it one of the most beautiful and cute gender reveal gifts. 

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 Gender Reveal Prediction Box 

Let friends and family predict gender through this fun and exciting prediction box game. The prediction box comes with foiled gender prediction cards. Simply fill out the card and see what your loved ones predict for the gender. 

Buy a gender reveal prediction box from here.  

Gender Reveal Ceramic Target Balls 

The gender-reveal ceramic target balls are a thrilling addition to the event. The complete set comes with two packs, and each ball is tagged as pink or blue. Just throw the ball at a target, and with the cloud of color, celebrate the gender reveal. 

Buy gender-reveal ceramic target balls from here.  

Gender Reveal Party Scratch Off Cards 

Gender reveals party scratch off cards are some of the best gender reveal gifts. Each set comes with ten scratch-off cards, allowing everyone at the party to scratch them off, discover the gender of the baby, and share in the happiness. 

Buy gender reveal party scratch-off cards from here.  

Gender Reveal Party Poster Voting Game 

Make gender reveal parties a memorable event with this poster-voting fun game. It includes two black chalkboards, one for casting votes and another for a gender prediction puzzle through old wives’ tales like cravings and other stuff. Both posters add excitement and laughter to the gender reveal event. 

Buy a gender reveal party poster voting game from here.  

Gender Reveal Tote Bags 

Add joy and fun to the gender reveal party with this gender reveal tote bags. Choose your team, either a boy or girl, and bring them to the party to surprise the parents-to-be. These are some of the unique and fun.  

Buy gender-reveal tote bags from here.  

Baby Essential 23 Piece Layette Set 

Gift this baby essential 23-piece layette set for a gender reveal, as it includes all the clothing essentials for a newborn. The complete set features multiple items, from short and long-sleeve bodysuits to hats and baby blankets. Made with pure cotton, these clothes are super soft and easily washable.  

Buy a baby essential 23-piece layette set from here.  

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Baby Countdown Blocks 

The beautiful wooden frame features a 4” x 4” square photo and a 3.5” x 3.5” countdown display. The display includes countdown blocks with number and title blocks. It has a simple and unique design made of high-quality MDF wood and attractive titles. 

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Baby Cellular Blanket 

The baby cellular blanket is a thoughtful gift when you are confused about what to bring to a gender reveal party. Made from soft cotton, it is available in six different colors. The blanket’s cellular construction ensures breathability and keeps the baby comfortable. 

Buy a baby cellular blanket from here.  

Baby Clay Tin Kit 

The baby clay tin kit features premium-quality, non-toxic clay, safe for the baby’s delicate skin. It ensures an effortless and smooth capturing process with pliable and soft clay, leading to a perfect impression every time. With multiple designs and colors, parents can preserve their baby’s hands and footprints in chemical-free clay. 

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Baby Document Organizer 

The large baby document organizer is a thoughtful gender reveal gift. It allows parents to preserve all the important keepsakes and documents in one place. It comes with nine file folders and three additional blank folders. The front of the file has a photo frame to display a beautiful photo of the child, making it a memorable gift. 

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Baby’s Sonogram Picture Frame 

The baby’s sonogram picture frame is made of wood and features a front glass covering. It is a unique keepsake that preserves the first sonogram scan picture of the child. 

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Baby Outfit Set 

A baby outfit set is the go-to present for not only gender reveal but also other events for the newborns. This beautiful baby outfit set includes a bodysuit, pants, hat, and headband. The combination of gray and white colors makes it a cute gift. 

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Baby Keepsake Wooden Box  

The baby keepsake wooden box is a thoughtful present among gender reveal gifts. It comes with small compartments to store a few memories of the child, from sonogram pictures to first shoes. It is a beautiful keepsake of memories. 

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Infant Hand Crochet Bootie 

The infant hand crochet bootie is one of the affordable gender reveal gifts. These booties are specially handcrafted for newborn babies and made of high-quality yarns to ensure durability, comfort, and softness. They are gentle yet strong enough to keep the baby’s sensitive toes and feet safe. 

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Make the occasion of the gender reveal even more curious and exciting with our list of the finest gender reveal gifts. Choose what suits you best to make this event an everlasting memory. 

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